Asociación Cultural Reyes y Reinas Latinos de Catalunya, a workshop
Commissioned by the  Museú d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) for the exhibition "l'Arxiú Universal"

The "Reyes y Reinas Latinos de Catalunya" (Latin Kings) are the dramatically visible part of a community ( the latin-american immigrants) more important and
not very visible.

For this commission, we proposed a workshop about portrait photography, what can be said through it (for oneself, one's friends and family and others)
the gap with the image given by the medias.
The difference between documentary photography and reportage and their relation with a private utilisation of photography  (the family photograph) was,
 in fact, the question.
A form of representation more adequate with the L.K. wishes had to be found and they had, first of all, to formulate these expectations.

That is why I  often favoured the individual against the group, I systematically avoided all reference to the L.K. imagery (gestures and poses).

I showed to all, in projection, all the images and gave each one his own photographies.

For the last session, I proposed my own choice of photographs (larger than what you can see online tha corresponds to what was on the wall in Macba)
for each one to give his sentiment (choice, title, text.)

The images and texts were displayed in a booklet on a table in the exhibition space.