R o t t e r d a m - A l e x a n d e r p o l d e r

The work is composed of series and grids.

The series of variable size, are presented on one or two lines.

How do the inhabitants of Alexanderpolder invest their spaces?

Do they conform to dutch models in the fitting out of their homes?

How do people from different cultures integrate this models?

What is the degree of resistance to the theories of the urbanists and architects?

what happens in the spaces of freedom constituted by the gardens?

The austerity and poorness of materials in Alexanderpolder called for conceptual working procedures.

The buildings are suspended between sky and ground, like on an earth layer.

Trees have been planted in lines. 

There are few colors, they disappear in winter.

All the photographs are in lack and white.

jean-louis schoellkopf, statement, 1993