L e   G r a n d  -  H o r n u   (  r e v i v i n g   m o n u m e n t s  )

In le Grand-Hornu, in the Borinage (near Mons in Belgium), a museum of contemporary art has been built inan old mining plant.
I had a commission from ACCR (Emmanuel Hermange curator) to document.
A museum settling in a place marked by a painfull history is a model and sets the problem of the adressees of culture.
What will the conditions of access to the museum be, how will the inhabitants be associated, informed, formed?
In a word, will they take the museum as theirs?

The people in charge of the cultural program were calling the inhabitants as "neighbours"- That is: beside.
The truth is that the museum invites itself in their space.
I wanted to photograph these neighbours and their environment first, willing to give them their place, make the link between
high and popular culture