A  b  o  u  t     m  y     w  o  r  k

                              My present work explores the problems of the contemporary cities confronted to the changes caused by the new economical choices

the changes in companies and industrial production.

                              All these ideological changes lead to new arrangements of urban spaces, create new ways of thinking and living the city that cause new conflicts.
                              It seems easier  to point out, in the organization of the city, the familiar layouts and zoning issued from social hierarchies.
                              Great is the temptation to erase every trace of the industrial era.
                              My ambition is to try to shed light to these issues by the description and analysis of different urban situations, in France and in Europe,
                              according to historical, geographical and sociological
points of view.
                              What do our cities, factories, houses become; how do we feel them today?
                              My project is artistic.

                              This new site displays ( it will include other "existing" works soon ) pictures, series that exist as prints, framed or not, in their intended form, "ready to use".
                               In the previous site, works that, for financial or other reasons, were not printed, but are important anyway and wait for their physical existence.